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Good design is timeless design;

It needn’t break the budget

An excellent design need not be an expensive design.  Our team of architects, drafting experts and interior designers are at your disposal, to listen carefully to your wishes and to bring them to stunning reality. Whether your tastes tend towards the traditional or the cutting edge, we will work with you on the basis of our guiding design principles. These include elegance, functionality, orientation to capture northern light, and sustainability.

Your home is an essential part of who you are, and from initial sketches to final plans, we are here to answer those ‘middle-of-the-night’ questions and to adjust the details to suit your needs and tastes. Good design is essential not just for the liveability of your home, but also for its resale value.

The MC Design + Build aesthetic goes way beyond the face your home presents to the street – a great house always offers a warm welcome, and its interior should be the warm heart of the design.

Green, clean and cost-effective


As part of the consultation process, we will discuss the application of energy-efficient, passive design principles to ensure that your home is compliant with energy reporting requirements, and that your energy bills remain as low as possible. Subjects for consideration will include not only orientation of the building, solar power and appropriate glazing, but also the precise ordering of materials and possible recycling.

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